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gemeinnütziger Verein Kindergarten

Our kindergarten

​Cornerstone Kindergarten has been in existence since 2004 and we look after over 65 children aged 3 to 5 years. Since 2010 we have been offering after-school care for pre-school children who cannot be fully cared for at home during the day.

Free kindergarten with a wide program for early childhood education

Children from disadvantaged families often have great deficits, both intellectually and emotionally, and usually do not have the opportunity to receive adequate support. Our employees try very hard to support the children in such a way that they are mature and stable enough to cope with everyday school life.


The program:


  • Pre-school education according to the state curriculum

  • Fostering creative skills: music (instruments and singing), and theatre 

  • Promotion of emotional development and social skills through suitable toys and small group work

  • PlayWay to English - The children learn English in a playful way

  • Sport is fun! Even five-year-olds look forward to shooting, dribbling and passing hoops in basketball

  • Afternoon care with a warm lunch in the adjoining after-school care center


Our private, state-approved Cornerstone Kindergarten is so popular in Dorohoi that we cannot offer enough places for everyone.

Not only do we take our responsibility seriously,  helping each child to develop as a character and mature socially, physically and civicly, and to enjoy doing so.

The Cornerstone Kindergarten and the Cornerstone School were founded in Dorohoi by the association HCI "Hope for the Children International" in order to offer children the possibility of a quality school education.

We take seriously our responsibility to help every child excel in school, develop honest character, and mature socially, physically, and civicly, and we enjoy doing so.,

All services at our Cornerstone School (after school programme, after-school activities and support programs and lunch for all students) are offered free of charge because most would not be able to pay for the services.

Schulen bauen

Learn English through play

The children have an English lesson once a week. There they learn playfully z. M. short sentences with puppets or games,  songs up  English.

Kinderarmut bekämpfen

Warm lunch 

A hot meal allows our school to offer students tutoring and participation in other extracurricular educational projects.

Making music together

Recorder, glockenspiel and percussion instruments help the children to learn tones, registers and rhythm. The interaction is also conveyed playfully.

christliche Hilfsorganisationen Musik


The children are familiarized with common sports and learn their first moves and, above all, the movement sequences so that they can later practice basketball, football or other sports.

christliche Hilfsorganisationen Sportprogramme
christian ngo build schools
Support of the kindergarten

Mario's mother: "...I'm so grateful for what the kindergarten is doing for Mario. Unfortunately I can't donate any money, but I brought some vegetables from my garden..."

Grandma of Sarah, who has leukemia: "...My grandchild was showered with love. No other kindergarten wanted to take Sarah because of her illness. She found love and friends here..."

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