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Board of Directors authorized to represent


Cynthia McCarver
Koenigsberger Strasse 8
D-65779 Kelkheim (Taunus)

Registration court:
District Court of Koblenz
Registration number: VR 4169

Address Germany


Hope for the Children (HCI) registered association
Koenigsberger Strasse 8
D-65779 Kelkheim (Taunus)
phone: +49.6190.888 35 220

Address Romania


Association HCI
B-dul Victoriei nr. 14
OP1, CP8
RO-715200 Dorohoi
Romania Email:
phone: +40.31.610 172
fax: +40.31.610 172

Address United States


Hope for the Children International
PO Box 163
Gary, Texas 75643
USA Email:
phone: +1.903.690.2086

Address Austria


Contact: Johannes Kramer
Rhemastr. 17
A-4502 St Mary's
Austria Email:
phone: +43.676.81 41 9225

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