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Kinderarmut bekämpfen


Hope for the Children International (HCI) has been reaching impoverished children in orphanages, small towns and remote villages in the northeastern part of Romania with the Gospel since 1991.

Children and young people who do not belong to any church have found a spiritual home at HCI. Most of these children come from poor and broken families in remote villages, and more and more of them are abandoned by their parents, who choose to work abroad and leave their children in Romania in the care of an older sibling, neighbor or relative. These lonely children hear the Gospel with open hearts. When they enter into a personal relationship with Christ, they are strengthened by His love, comfort, encouragement and care. 

Our History

Moved by the endless suffering that we saw in the children's homes after the collapse of the Ceaușescu regime, the first HCI employees began work in 1991. First we visited the children in the state homes in order to give them, in addition to food, a piece of attention and love that many sorely missed. We soon had to realize that we could not give the children a better future with these funds alone.

In our hearts arose the vision of a "village" with houses for abandoned children, a kindergarten and a school, a playground, a spacious area for evangelistic summer camps and enough space for many children to run around and play.




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